Junior Workwear is the offspring of Branded Workwear Pty Ltd

Dress up play usually starts around age 24 months, and continues to evolve around as toddlers grow and gain more interest in what’s around them. Your 2 year old will begin to take notice of different clothing people wear to work, what they wear outside on a cold or rainy day, or what characters in fairy tales look like.

So dealing with all trades in Branded workwear - Junior was born Specialising in High Visibility (Hi-vis) clothing for kids.

The range in Hi-Vis is a copy cat version of the Adult Range - meaning it is made to strict Australian Standards for Safety and most garments carry the swing tag to prove it. On most garments we offer excellent UV Protection - so whether they be at home - work - on the farm - day care - you can rest assured your littlest workers to have fun and be protected from our harsh sun.

We have also added a range of everyday casual wear for little ones which like to be adventurous and demand tough and durable clothing.

The benefits of playing dress up helps with a child’s development.

For the ultimate in toughness and comfort clothing, you need look no further than……


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