Below are a list of icons to help you quickly identify certain important features belonging to some of our products.


This standard specifies the Australian Standard AS/NZ 4399:1996 requirements for High Visibility materials used in the manufacture of industrial safety garments worn in protection achievable in accordance with situations where the wearer needs to be highly visible 

Our fabrics have been UPF tested against Australian Standard AS/NZ 4399:1996 This means garments have excellent protection and the highest level of UV protection achievable in accordance with above standard

Class DIN garments are suitable for either day or night use and consist of both high visibility fabric and reflective tape

3M 8910- Used for general domestic washing

3M 9920- Used for Industrial laundering

3M 8935- Flame Resistant tape, suitable for Industrial wash 

Class D garments are suitable for day use only and consist of high visibility fabric.These garments should never be worn at night

Our garments are able to withstand the rigours of industrial laundering 

Class N garments are suitable for NIGHT USE ONLY

Garments specifically designed to provide protection for a range of environments and fully conform to National and/or International standards 

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